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Clinical Supervision

"Your gifts are not about you; leadership is not about you; your purpose in not about you.
A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose."

- Kevin Hall

Quality clinical supervision is the cornerstone for a great counseling career. And like the counselor-counselee relationship, the supervisor-supervisee rapport is of the utmost importance. It is my practice to have a FREE 1:1 consultation to ensure we can work together. I would prefer you see this process as an investment in your career as a counselor and take that time to interview me to ensure I am the supervisor that will help you achieve your goals.

Here are some areas of concentration you can expect of me:

        1. Development of your counselor identity
        2. Licensure
        3. Competency working with individuals (adults and children), couples, and families
        4. Billing competency
        5. Telemental health
        6. Conference presentation
        7. Presenting at local workshops
        8. Blogging
        9. And more

My rate for clinical supervision is $75/wk which includes:

        1. Weekly meeting
        2. Any additional phone calls and emails outside of the weekly meeting.
        3. Vicarious liability of your clients,
        4. Completion of paperwork for the NCBLPC,
        5. Your clinical and professional development,
        6. 24/7 access for clinical questions,
        7. Your strongest advocate for licensure,
        8. Flexible meeting times and locations,
        9. 10% charitable donation to local charity,
        10. And my full investment in your future as a clinician.

My maximum clinical supervision case load is 6-8 supervisees to ensure adequate time to help you clinically and professionally develop.

Contact me below for a FREE introductory session to address your questions, comments, or concerns about clinical supervision.

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Eric A Williams


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